Triangle Cruises

A European Summer to Remember

Enjoy Free Airfare to Europe on select voyages from our 2008 European Collection!
Which side of Europe captures your heart? The Western Mediterranean is still enthralling, spurring us to devote more cruises to it than anywhere else on the continent. Explore classic seaports such as Livorno, gateway to the artistic and architectural treasures of Florence and Pisa or magical Venice with a gondola ride under the stars, complete with a serenading gondolier. Perhaps the Greek Isles and Eastern Mediterranean is more to your liking where the colors of the sea take on richer, more vibrant ones. Wander through the ruins of Ephesus, where St. Paul once preached in the Grand Theater or visit the old and new Olympic stadiums, and then enjoy a delightful meal on the colorful waterfront. For more information, please set up an appointment or call Triangle Cruises at 1-800-784-4495.